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We believe that ADUs are a significant way for California to address the shortage in housing, create more equitable neighborhoods, create homes that are energy efficient and reduce the number of high-density housing projects in suburban neighborhoods.


We can help you find quality general building contractors to bid on your ADU project so that you can get the best price and feel comfortable with the build team you’ve chosen. Our trusted partners love working with us and we love working with them. This makes the process integrated and easier for you.

And we can remain involved as your advocate during construction to help you with decisions, communicate with the build team, and inspectors.

As an architecture firm, we’ve been designing and helping homeowners build cottages, cabanas, granny flats, accessory dwellings, backyard homes offices, and ADUs for nearly 15 years. 

GetADU was formed as an easier way to help homeowners to get an ADU faster and less expensive than our standard custom design work. We offer our quality designs that can fit in nearly any typical neighborhood and primary residence. The construction drawings already take into account the 2019 California Residential Code, Building Code, Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing, and Energy Code. We’ve worked with many municipal jurisdictions to fine tune our drawings and streamline the permit process. 

By having designs and plans that are ready to go for you, construction can begin sooner and there are less questions from building professionals. We’ve even helped homeowners build their ADU themselves. 

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Jennifer Kretschmer

At  J Kretschmer Architect, we design homes that truly put the 'style' in lifestyle.

We are here for you through the entire process with as much involvement or less, if you prefer. 


Jennifer Kretschmer, AIA, NCARB, LEED Green Associate, founded J. Kretschmer Architect in 2003, specializing in single family homes and ADUs. J Kretschmer Architect's main goal is to provide beautiful, energy-efficient, homes within homeowner's budgets.

She is a member of the AIA (American Institute of Architects) and has been a leader in the profession which has included being a speaker at the AIA’19 Conference on Architecture and 2019 CRAN Symposium bringing valued information, inspiration and training to architects on how to operate their businesses using qualified, architect remote workers. 

Jennifer is also on the Board of Directors for AIA California and as a member of the AIA California ADU Resource Technical Network since 2019. This network helps to disseminate and encourage changes in ADU laws, to provide a network of architects to educate and train on ADU design, codes and regulations, to engage with municipalities on implementing State ADU laws within their jurisdiction, and to advocate for the California homeowner.

"It's important that the homes we design help our clients to meet their goals and wishes. That's why our motto is 'Realize Your Vision.'"

- Jennifer Kretschmer, AIA

Jennifer Kretschmer, Architect

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