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This 800 square feet ADU has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a kitchen with standard appliances.  Originally built in Redwood City, it can fit on any large lot.


It is a Craftsman style that requires a 35' x30' building pad.


Square Feet






Front Porch  |  Kitchen  |  Laundry Room  |  Great Room


Great Room Vaulted Ceilings  |  Full Size Kitchen Appliances  |  Laundry Area in Bathroom  |  Deck Off the Rear  |  Large Front Porch  |  Bedrooms Fit Queen Size Bed

    Traditional Craftsman Style  |  Siding or Stucco Exterior Finish


How does the process work?

Architectural Plans Include:

  • Floor Plan

  • Roof Plan

  • Exterior Elevations

  • Window and Door Schedules

  • Details

  • Cross Sections

  • Fire Rating

  • Recommended Site Locations

  • Lighting and Electrical Plan

  • Specific Code Notes

  • Title 24 Energy Calculations

  • Solar Panels Sizing

  • Mechanical System


Additional Add Ons

Building Plans

Site Planning

A site plan with the specific location for the ADU and showing all existing utility services, parking, and location of the primary residence. It's recommended that we are provided with a survey done by a civil engineer. A site visit to evaluate and understand property, topography, tree locations and other site constraints for Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties primarily. We will discuss options for a site visit with you if your property is located in other counties.

Structural Engineering

Prices Vary Per Design

The structural plans include: foundation plan, framing plan, shear walls, roof framing plan, structural construction details, special inspections notes.

Construction Worker

Interior Architecture

Interior architecture includes the selections of fixtures, appliances, tile, cabinet and counter finishes for the kitchen, selections for the bathroom, and the flooring, specialty lighting, trim and paint for the inside of the ADU provided in drawings and text on pages that fit into the construction drawings set.

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